ShardWorx Art Classes in Grayton

Shard Shop Grayton: Friendly DIY Art Classes

Welcome to the Shard Shop in Grayton. We’re a friendly make your own art boutique located at 26 Logan Ln. We offer DIY art classes and fun activities to do in Grayton every day.

Our shop specializes in a unique form of art called ShardWorx Art. ShardWorx Art allows you to build a gorgeous masterpiece by placing glass on canvas then covering it with a clear glistening coat of resin.

Come to one of our daily DIY art classes in Grayton to try out a one of a kind art experience.

We have everything you need to make your own art including glass, resin, mixed media materials, and you can even take home a ShardWorx art kit as the perfect gift for art lovers.

Booking Your Class

Simply book an art class using our easy-to-use calendar, show up and we handle the rest. Our teachers will walk you through how to build your masterpiece. Then we’ll do the messy part of applying resin, and have it ready to pick up the next day.

Taking a ShardWorx art class is the perfect thing to do for tourists visiting Grayton, or create a new tradition with your friends! We’ll see you in the studio!

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